National Standards for Institutional Accreditation

The Department of Quality Assurance and University Performance establish a workshop on ( National Standards for Institutional Accreditation) 5/9/2019 in cooperation with the Department of Control and Systems Engineering with the presence of the President of the University and vice chancelor for scientific affairs and deans  of the academic departments, and managers of quality assurance divisions, and a large number of attendees

 The Manager of Quality Assurance Department (Assistant Professor Dr. Maha Abdul Kareem Hammood) explaines the National standards the general framework for writing the self-study report and the mechanism of preparing the improvement plan. It should be noted that these standards were drafted by Ministerial Committee in the mohesr and was launched last year at a national conference at university of Al- Nahrain. They include eight criteria varies between the institution's strategy, governance, management, financial and material resources, teaching staff, students, curriculum, scientific research and community service. Each criterion includes a number of elements and indicators.