University World Rankings Follow-up Unit

The main task:  follow up  the international rankings of universities and endeavour to enter and participate in it ,Also to improve the university’s position within the international rankings.
Tasks and duties
 1- Raising the  awareness level  of the culture of world rankings at the university.
 2- Preparing a database containing the various criteria and indicators for the international rankings of universities.
 3- Monitoring and evaluating the university’s main performance indicators against the various indicators for ranking universities internationally.
 4- Develop strategies (short, medium and long-term) to improve the performance of the university to enhance its position in various international rankings.
 5- The criteria comparison of the  university performance   with local and international universities according to the main performance indicators of the different rankings
 6- Continuous follow-up of international rankings, requirements and dates of participation in it.
 7- Organizing workshops and seminars on international rankings.