Training and Technical Support Division


Training and Technical Support Division
 The main task
 1- administration the division’s affairs, distributing work to the division’s employees, and supervising the completion of the  work .
 2- Publishing all the department’s activities on the university’s website and follow up the department’s e-mail.
 Tasks and duties:
 1- Preparing periodic reports of the department's activities and submitting it to the Ministry.
 2-  Execution training courses and workshops that contribute to raise the university’s institutional capacity.
 3-Holding seminars and lectures to disseminate awareness of promoting the culture of quality, performance and development constantly.
 4- Issuing brochures, and guides to support quality assurance and accreditation.
 5- Cooperation with the media department at the university and providing it with all the department's activities for the purpose of published it in the official university newspaper and Website.