Quality Assurance Division


Quality Assurance Division
 The main task:
Managing the division’s affairs, following up its employees, and distributing work to the division’s employees.
 Supervising the completion of work and coordinating work with officials of the Quality Division in the engineering and scientific departments of the university.
 Tasks and duties
Making a follow-up record for the department's incoming and outgoing books.
  Follow up and save the minutes of the meeting of the Quality and University Performance Council.
  Holding seminars and workshops held by the department to spread the culture of quality, in cooperation with the Training and Technical Support Division.
 Withdrawing quality research and lectures from the internet and studying it.
 Collecting and preserving the responses of the departments on the subject of preparing a guide in the guides' file a
nd preparing it as a first stage by preparing a guide for the Department of Quality Assurance and University Performance.
 Collecting the self-evaluation reports prepared by the engineering and scientific departments at the university and submitting it to the Quality Assurance Council for the purpose of studying it and making suggestions regarding it, then submitting it to the Ministry.
 Gathering the answers and writing a report on the answers and suggestions of the departments on the (ABET) criteria.


 Publications of Iraqi Accreditation Council, Criteria, Policies and Procedures for BSc Degrees in Engineering