Laboratories Accreditation Division

 The main task: the achievement and follow-up of laboratories quality works to obtain an accreditation certificate Tasks and duties.

1- Monitoring and auditing laboratories specifications with the requirements of the   approved standard.


 2- Determining the technical specifications of devices and equipment, documenting it's data.


3- Coordination to open training courses for laboratory workers in accordance with international standards and approved standards.


 4- Coordination with the Laboratory Accreditation Department of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to develop and improve the performance of laboratories.


5- Coordination with the relevant authorities to open specialized courses to graduate a staff of quality auditors.


 6- Follow-up of laboratories accreditation units in departments and centers in addition to submit periodic reports on laboratory equipment, maintenance and calibration programs


 7- Conducting internal audits according to the approved specifications


 8- Submitting periodic reports on laboratories

 Performance and improvement plans