Vision & Objectives

  • Quality Assurance and University Performance Department

 The vision: - The department take on the leading ,creative position and global reputation, in application and practice "in the field of quality assurance in higher education and university performance.

 Mission: - Leading the quality assurance activities and performance improvement processes in the various activities of the university in a manner consistent with the university's mission and achieving its goals.


  1. Direct support for the divisions and committees of quality assurance and university performance in all university departments.
  2. Disseminating the culture of quality through holding courses, seminars, printing posters and publishing on the department’s website.
  3. Preparation  the researchs and studies related to quality assurance and performance evaluation in order to keep  the continuous  improvement.
  4. Follow-up and auditing of the annual evaluation file of senior leaders, the lecturers and staff, and the university and colleges evaluation file.
  5. Exchanging experiences and visits with other universities and related organizations.
  6. Serving the community by holding training courses and educational seminars.
  7. Execution the self-evaluation of all university formations with regard to quality assurance according to approved standards.
  8. Establishing a library specialized in issues of quality and university performance to serve researchers, lecturers, and students.