Quality Assurance achieves the UOT audit examination committee works at all eng.departments

The Quality Assurance and University Performance Department achieved its visits  accompanied by the registration and student affairs and legal affairs departments within the work of the university central audit examination committee related to audit the integrity of the examination committees ’procedures in the scientific departments in documenting students’ grades in the main score records to ensure that the standards of accuracy and reliability  , the quality standards and instructions applied there  to preserve the rights of students,  in accordance with the Examination Administration Guide that was previously issued to universities within the academic year  2017-2018 , the work  is continues until now.
 The university committee  visited all engineering and scientific departments at the university according to a schedule prepared for this purpose. 
The works included fixing audit notes and visiting the departments later to follow up on the notes that have been proven.
 Finally, the examination committee expressed its thanks to the scientific departments for their cooperation and good reception.