Quality and Academic Accreditation Council holds the first meeting

The Quality and Academic Accreditation Council held its first meeting on Wednesday 27/1/2021 at the University Presidency, headed by the President of the University, Prof.  Ahmed M. Hassan Al-Ghabban (Chairman of the Academic Quality and Accreditation Council), in the presence of the council members, with the exception of only two members.
 Al-Gaban urged  to hold periodical sessions in order to achieve the Council's goals in this session.
The Director of the Quality Assurance and University Performance Department ( Dr. Ali M. Khudair / Member of the Council) reviewed the proposed tasks of the Council and the work system, indicating the work of the department’s divisions represented by the Quality , the University Performance Division and the Ranking Unit, indicating that the Council had seen the summary of the internal audit  of the the national ranking for the academic year 2018/2019 and discussing the experimental operation of the Iraqi ranking for universities as well as reviewing the institutional and programmatic performance standards for Iraqi universities and request the approval to contact all universities about the  required indicators of the above forms in order to provide them electronically in preparation for submitting them within the electronic program of Iraqi ranking for universities within the work of the Quality Division, especially the council’s review of the performance division’s work, represented by the performance evaluation file completion rates of 2019/2020  for all university departments, while the ranking unit’s work included the council’s discussion of the university’s entry into the ((GreenMetric ranking)).
To sum up , the council approved the proposed tasks and prepare a university committee to collect the required documents within the GreenMetric ranking in order to put  the university's ranking in top level.